Konnichi Wa // Konbanwa

I am infiniteezy, and I like to think that I’ve made a few of strides in my own personal growth over the past few years that I’m proud of. This is the “About” section, so maybe a little insight into me will help us experience connections on more groovy wavelengths…or something like that. Ahem.

Teez and the Goal

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It’s nothing wild. I’m pretty much a typical seemingly lower level humanoid creature. Like the rest of us, I want nothing more than to exist in a state of symbiosis with my surroundings. Because humans are, well, fucking ridiculous, we can become an enemy within our own heads. I was my own enemy for awhile, sometimes I still can be. But every day is trial and error; live, learn, and love.


 *Deep breath*

Time to officially crash the pity party.

(Disclaimer: there is neither actual self-pity, nor a party going on at this time)


Ephemeral Fixations

2018-01-14 (3)2018-01-14 (2)

Sounds like a big ball of unhealthy if you ask me. Wait, you are asking me? Oh!